Captain T-Rex, Part 2, a story and illustration by E, 8 years old.

Do you remember Captain T-Rex part 1?

Now it is time for part 2 !

Dr Velociraptor survived the meteor explosion! And he said: “I’ll get you Captain T-Rex! It’s time to fight T-Rex with T-rex!” When Captain T-Rex Yote Dr Velociraptor, the baddy got hit by the blast beam and some T-Rex DNA reached Dr Velociraptor.

“With this DNA I can make an evil clone of Captain T-Rex!!” said Dr Velociraptor enthusiastically. so he Got Back To The Velociraptor Lab and started to work and created Mini-Rex!!!!

But Mini-Rex Was Bad At Doing Bad Stuff But Good At Doing Good Stuff. So Dr Velociraptor was furious and he Kicked him out of the velociraptor lab!!!!!!

On the very same day, Captain T-Rex was going for a walk, when he saw a little T-Rex alone, frightened and crying. Captain T-Rex got closer and asked him: “What’s the matter little dino?” Mini-Rex responded:” wow, you look like me but bigger!”, ” Are you Captain T-Rex?”

“Yes I am!” proudly responded Captain T-Rex.”Let’s go to my head quarter, you look like you are in need of some good food and warm clothes!”

Mini-Rex was moved my Captain T-Rex kindness and he was starving and cold so he followed him to the headquarters.

In The T-Rex Cave, Mini Rex Said that Dr Velociraptor was Back and Captain T-Rex responded: “Lets Kick Velociraptor Butt But 1st I Got You A Super Suit + Do You Want To Be My Sidekick?” Mini Rex Said Yes! Captain T-Rex Called The Little Dino Mini Rex! Soooooooooooooooooooooo Captain T-Rex And Mini-Rex Went To The Velociraptor Lab And They Yote Dr Velociraptor And Dr Velociraptor Said:” ILL GET YOU NEXT TIME CAPTAIN T-REXXXXXX! ” And Captain T-Rex And Mini Rex Vowed To Protect the World.

The End.

Coming soon: Captain T-Rex 3. A Tail Of 2 Dinos (Spoiler alert: Dr Velociraptor Gets A Sidekick In Captain T-Rex 3!)