Multiverse God against the drift – A story by K. 9 years old

Outline of K. 9 Story

A super hero defending the multiverse against evil.

Main character: Multiverse God

A short hair non-binary character. wears the milky way colour.

Abilities: They have all the powers of the multiverse but only uses it in the most desperate times of needs as one of their ability could destroy anything.

Where do they live?

HQ that can act as a building or spaceship.

Team’s name:

Friends: they are part of the super hero team and all live in the HQ together.

lightning god: Abilities: lightning beam/blast. Snaps: Summon lightning to fall on his enemies.

Water god: Abilities: can summon tsunamis but he is careful when doing it so he does not hit innocents. Can also turn into a liquid form so he fit everywhere so he can spy on his enemies.

Ice child: Son of water god.

Earth goddess: Abilities: She can lift up the ground around him. He has telekinesis, but it only works on natural things

Fire goddess: Abilities: She can summon fire and meteors that are on fire.

Air goddess: Abilities : She can manipulate air and the wind, she can summon winds and storms and control them.

Villain: Evil thing that want to take over the multiverse. It is a mix of an entity and a human. Half human, half entity. He is black with red eyes.

This Story has 5 chapters:

Chapter 1 : Multiverse God origin story

Once upon a time, there was an asteroid flying through space with an unknowing future hero in it. 3 days later the asteroid hit Earth and our hero found himself in a quiet town called Callander. He was in a world he had never seen before and was feeling a little lost. When the asteroid hit the ground our hero got a concussion and forgot everything, he did not even know that he had powers.

Chapter 2: Evil awaits

A drift started to appear in the sky. It looked like an other universe was leaking into our world. A black guppy creature was coming out of the rift. Six strange figures appeared out of nowhere. One of them sent a ball of fire through it, an other snapped his fingers and a lightning ray hit the rift, but it had no effect as the rift kept on growing and the guppy dark creature kept on going. They grabbed on our hero and retreated. They took him to he mountain where they were building some sort of spaceship. Our Hero was stunned, “Why did you take me?” he asked.

“Do you not recognise us?” said a child who looked like a giant.

There were six of them, the giant said his name was Ice child. “We all have powers you know! And so do you!” said the child.

“What powers?” Asked our hero.

“You really do no remember anything?” Asked a kind woman who looked like a mother figure.

“Remember what?” He asked again.