A dinosaur super hero – A story by E. 8 years old

No swears in this story.

Millions of years ago a T-Rex was walking to T-Rex school when all of the sudden a radioactive meteor hit him. But instead of being knocked out by the radioactive meteorite the Dinosaur got hit by a surge of super-powers and became Captain T-Rex !

Captain T-Rex discovered his powers shortly after being hit. He can become invisible! He can fly! He has super-speed! He has super-strength! He can shape shift! He is immortal and in his dimension Dinos are not extinct!

He bought a super hero suit at the Dino shop and started helping people in need But Dr Velociraptor wanted all the powers in the world, and most of all he wanted Captain T-Rex powers!

Actually, Dr Velociraptor was the one that set the radioactive meteorite that hit his enemy T-rex. But, instead of oofing the T-rex it gave him super powers, Dr Velociraptor was furious!

Dr Velociraptor said: “Oh no! I created a super hero! I will make it my life purpose to take all of his powers away and use them for evil!” “Roarrrrrr!”

When captain T-rex met Dr Velociraptor, Dr Velociraptor said: “I came to take all of your powers!”

And Captain T-Rex responded: ” Oh no you don’t!”

But then, Captain T-Rex yote Dr Velociraptor to outer space! Evil Dr Velociraptor hit a meteor so bad that the meteor exploded! And that’s the day Captain T-Rex vowed to protect all of the Dinos from evil!

The end.

Part 2 coming soon! “Captain T-Rex and the return of Dr Velociraptor!” (In part 2 Captain T-Rex meet his side kick MiniRex!)